Sunday, October 12, 2008

Soya Sauce - The Cheap Stuff

Hey fellow bloggers! Friday for Sketching class we made a japanese restaurant menu.

But before we could start painting we had to brainstorm as a group. We had a bit of info on the Restaurant, such as that it was called "Gi:Japanese Fusion restaurant".
And all they needed was a main logo, and art for the appetizers, main course meals, and the beer and wine. :)

So we started searching for what a Gi was. A Gi is any piece of clothing that you would wear in japan. But most North Americans know Gis as the outfits you wear when you participate in karate.

After that we looked at some yummy foods and drinks. And I chose to use dumplings as the appetizer picture, some sushi as the main dish, and a bottle of sake (an alcoholic drink in japan made of fermented rice) with a cup beside it. And for the main menu, a geisha, just to be traditional.

After the brainstorming was done, our teacher, Mr. Tedford, gave us our medium to paint with

Dollar Store Soya Sauce!

Yeah, it caught me off guard too!
So anyways, we started painting, dealing with the odd smell of the soya sauce, praying that my watercolour brushes would survive.

So here was the brainstorming page:

And here is the final piece:

I'm not totally happy with this, I wish I could redo the geisha if anything...

Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did!

As always, you can check out these photos larger on Photobucket.

'Till next time!

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