Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quick Update

Hey fellow bloggers! :D

Just letting everyone know that I've got a new assignment coming up. It's a photo scavenger hunt! Very exciting!

We're leaving for downtown to take the list of photos tomorrow morning, 9 AM sharp.
Yay early mornings.

Our group was named The PhotograFISTS!"
Really cute ^^

And our group members consist of:
Me (Courtney Lunn)
Phiroze Dennis
Karen Hernandez
Lizz Carr


Well, I'd better get to bed so I can make it for the scavenger hunt! I'll post all the pics later!

Gotta Jet


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Poster Assignment

First out of class project for Sketching class. Week 3 Due date.

We were given the guidelines to make three abstract watercolour blobs.
One Warm colours,
One Cool colours,
And One Mix colours.

This is a REALLY fun project, I was working on this for 4 hours. Not because I couldn't figure out what to do, or because I'm slow at painting.
I just REALLY loved this project!
I kept changing faces, and position and sizes of the watercolour backgrounds.
That's why I have 2 warm colour posters, because I couldn't decide which one to do.

So this first one is the first warm poster:

This was the first warm coloured one that I did, but after finishing the cool and mix ones, I didn't like this one as much...It makes me think of Breakfast At Tiffany's...

Second poster I finished was the cool colour poster:

This one is my favorite, design wise and because blue and green are my FAVORITE colours!

And the last poster was the mix of warm and cool colours:

I really enjoyed this one, VERY colourful :) It makes me think of robots, a sexy robot!

This is the warm poster that I redid since I didn't like the last one, and I still don't like it...I'll try again if I have time, I'll find something interesting...

That's it for today! 'Till next time bloggers! Hope you enjoy these posters!
Remember, larger posts can be seen here on Photobucket.
Assignment posted under the "Poster Assignment" album.


I forgot to add the watercolour splashes that I used for the posters.
Here they are :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Watercolour Practice

This was Sketching class, week 2.

We were just to practice with some watercolours to get used to them again. I had recently used watercolour for a gift for my great grandmother, so I was more than happy to use my watercolours again. We had three objects to paint in roughly 5-10 minutes.

This first was a paintball helmet. Our teacher likes to play paintball, and I have to say, the helmets look really badass.
I like the glass of the helmet, and the overall look of it. I'm not too pleased with the details. If only I could've used pencil crayons on it when it dried. And If I had more time...

Second was a Sentinel from The Matrix series. This one is my favorite of the three paintings. I focused more on the head so I could give it some character. Not too happy with the arms though. (There were a MILLION of them) So I decided to go for a faint, abstract approach to the legs.

And last but not least was an alien...thing. I heard someone mention that it's from Starship Troopers? It was cool looking nevertheless. I liked using all the green/yellow/and black for this painting.

That's all for today bloggers. Larger images can be seen here on Photobucket
This assignment is posted under "In Class Assignment 2"

Bunny Assignment

This is a bunny that I had to draw the first day of Sketching For Communications Class. (I'm going to call it Sketching for short from now on)

This is the original that I did in 10 min with just a pencil.

And this is the cleaned up one that I did, just to brush up on my Photoshop skills. Just a pen and a brush tool, nothing too fancy.