Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ninja Pub!

Hey bloggers!

The next Ninja Pub is approx the 19th of this month.

And my skateboard and sculpture are being voted on (with everyone else's of course) at the pub.

What is a Ninja Pub you ask?

A Ninja Pub is hosted once every month/2 months on Seneca@York campus, at the Hive, our campus bar. DMA students and faculty get to hang out with each other, and sometimes there's a presentation.

So wish me luck with the competition, I hear there's a pretty good prize for fav sculpture and fav skateboard.

I know my skateboard wasn't the best of all of them, so I'm putting all my money on Rugi! (He is my sculpture I've been posting on the blog here if you forgot, or haven't been on my site for too long).

Well, gotta jet.


1 comment:

aylwin said...

You're going down, Lunn!

(Trash-talking before the event is mandatory, no?)