Sunday, September 14, 2008

Watercolour Practice

This was Sketching class, week 2.

We were just to practice with some watercolours to get used to them again. I had recently used watercolour for a gift for my great grandmother, so I was more than happy to use my watercolours again. We had three objects to paint in roughly 5-10 minutes.

This first was a paintball helmet. Our teacher likes to play paintball, and I have to say, the helmets look really badass.
I like the glass of the helmet, and the overall look of it. I'm not too pleased with the details. If only I could've used pencil crayons on it when it dried. And If I had more time...

Second was a Sentinel from The Matrix series. This one is my favorite of the three paintings. I focused more on the head so I could give it some character. Not too happy with the arms though. (There were a MILLION of them) So I decided to go for a faint, abstract approach to the legs.

And last but not least was an alien...thing. I heard someone mention that it's from Starship Troopers? It was cool looking nevertheless. I liked using all the green/yellow/and black for this painting.

That's all for today bloggers. Larger images can be seen here on Photobucket
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