Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Poster Assignment

First out of class project for Sketching class. Week 3 Due date.

We were given the guidelines to make three abstract watercolour blobs.
One Warm colours,
One Cool colours,
And One Mix colours.

This is a REALLY fun project, I was working on this for 4 hours. Not because I couldn't figure out what to do, or because I'm slow at painting.
I just REALLY loved this project!
I kept changing faces, and position and sizes of the watercolour backgrounds.
That's why I have 2 warm colour posters, because I couldn't decide which one to do.

So this first one is the first warm poster:

This was the first warm coloured one that I did, but after finishing the cool and mix ones, I didn't like this one as much...It makes me think of Breakfast At Tiffany's...

Second poster I finished was the cool colour poster:

This one is my favorite, design wise and because blue and green are my FAVORITE colours!

And the last poster was the mix of warm and cool colours:

I really enjoyed this one, VERY colourful :) It makes me think of robots, a sexy robot!

This is the warm poster that I redid since I didn't like the last one, and I still don't like it...I'll try again if I have time, I'll find something interesting...

That's it for today! 'Till next time bloggers! Hope you enjoy these posters!
Remember, larger posts can be seen here on Photobucket.
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I forgot to add the watercolour splashes that I used for the posters.
Here they are :)

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