Thursday, December 11, 2008

Final Skateboard Time!

Hello again bloggers!

Just wanted to post the pictures of my skateboard, all finished and stuff :)

I got the illustrator file sent to a guy who lives in downtown Toronto and he printed it on a giant sticker basically. Not shiny, but matte finish, which I liked a lot more. And I also bought a blank board for a cheap price :)

So, for a grand total of $40...Here it is!

You can see that there is a bit of white on the left side. Story is, that the guy at the print shop printed it too small so the template is clearly visible, so I went for sacrificing the left side of the skateboard with some white. I'm happy overall, I mean, how many people get their art made into a skateboard?

I'll post the finished and glossed Rugi as well soon, so look forward to that.

'Till next time bloggers

P.S. As always, for larger images, click the Photobucket link!

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