Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sculpture Update Pt. 4

Hello again fellow bloggers!

I'm almost done my sculpture! I just have to glue everything together and put Rugi in his box so I can hand it in on Friday.

So I'll start with this picture:

I've spray painted the entire sculpture white with some automotive paint. This way, the colours will pop out more.
And as you can see I've already started painting, I'm being messy now because I can do detailing later. Right now I just want to get the base colours down. Here I've got the beige bandage and the light blue belt part of Rugi's outfit started.

Now I've got the navy blue paint done for the pants and Rugi's shoulder cloth.

And here's the ponytail that broke :(
I've come up with a fix for that, don't worry!

Here's the(almost) final product of Rugi, minus the ponytail.

And a back shot :)

Here's a shot of the sword and sheath as well. I LOVE this sword!
And the tassle that's on Rugi's sword, I'm using embroidery thread and beads from the dollar store :)

Here's a shot of the back of the sculpture as well, with the new design that I added to the pants.

I used a stencil for the design that I made with a piece of a sketchbook page.
I decided the front of the pants were very detailed with the folds, and the back was plain, so I added this design to make the back interesting too.

Here's a shot of the stencil:

Nothing too special...

And here's everything pre gloss:

That's all the photos I'll be putting up about the sculpture until I can post some final pieces.

Oh! Here's afew shots of the box:

As always, you can get all these pictures on my Photobucket Account.

'Till next time bloggers!


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