Monday, November 24, 2008

Sculpture Update Pt. 2

Hello again bloggers!

Well, I've gotten my sculpture A LOT farther than the last post, I'm actually painting it already!

But no worries, I shall show you every step I took to make it.
The last picture I showed was the head uncooked. So the next part was putting sculpy on the body of Rugi.

So I started placing sculpy around for the arms, legs, and torso, and put in the feet. (I knew only the toes would be showing in the final piece, so I wasn't too worried about the rest of the foot.)

Then, as you can see here, I made the pants. They are actually called Hakama pants in Japan, and were traditionally worn by samurai to protect their legs from brush when riding their horses.
You can also see the ribbon sculpy that I made (thanks to my Sketching teacher's clay extractor) that I will be using for Rugi's bandages.

Here's the front and back shots of Rugi's torso bandages. You can also see that I've make the belt for his sash. I made the ties seperate so that I can paint them and glue them on later.

I'll post the rest of the pictures later. The rest of the pictures are the finished arms and then cooking and painting.

'Till next time bloggers!


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