Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sculpture Update Pt.1

Hello everyone!

Just uploading some photos of my progress on the sculpture!

Here is the final piece I'd like to make:

I've named him Rugi, short for tsurugi. Tsurugi means sword, all the characters I'm designing are going to be named after an object or associating word with them.

So here is the start of it!

This is the start of it, I've got the legs and torso attached to a base. The base is just a decorative piece of wood painted black.


I attached the head to the torso, I later on take a different approach to the head.


I started putting aluminum foil on the joints to solidify it abit. And Nina the cat was nice enough to model as well :)

Next are some shots of me building tinfoil on the wireframe:

Later on I cut the round part off of the head and I'm going to attach it later.
For the head I made a ball of aluminum foil and put it in the middle of the wire ring.

And here is the start of the head, I'm going to put the ponytail on later.

And a side view.

Well, that's all for today, I have the body started as well, so I'll post that soon!

'Till next time bloggers!


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