Monday, November 10, 2008

Skateboards and Snowboards

Hey fellow bloggers!

So I have a new project along with my sculpture one. But this project is for two of my classes, New Media Tools, taught by the DMA coordinator Joseph Bodick (who by the way was nice enough to give us the templates for the boards!), and Sketching.

So our objective was to design some skateboards and snowboards. I did some research online for ideas, and talked to friends as well, and I'll be posting my favorite designs here.

Geisha and HIT (on) ME Design

-The Geisha design is one of my favorites! If you can see my notes on the sides there, I want to make the yellow a lot lighter, almost make it an off white yellow.

-The HIT (on) ME design was a shirt that I had printed and sold after I won a contest with my hometown skateboarding shop. So I decided to give it a more modern look. I might give it a black background if I come by it later when I have time.

Geisha Concepts

-These are designs that others suggested, my boyfriend is a big fan of black and white contrast, so I tried it out. And others suggested black and white contrast with one main focus colour, so I chose red.

And How Are We Feeling Today? Design

-This design was a suggestion of a friend to make a design that people could relate to somehow. And that they could look at to see all of the elements put into it to make one design. So I did a classic emotions collection. I did it in multiple colours to appeal to everyone's colour taste buds.

Flaky and Snow-words Design

-The first design was just a classic snowflakes idea. The colours were picked off the top of my head. The bottom flake is my favorite one.

-The second design was one I actually designed for my orientation drawing test to get into Digital Media Arts. I've cleaned up the idea and gone for a strong blue. Now the problem is I wasn't sure of a colour for the flakes, I've got some ideas in the notes. And I was wondering, do I go for a gradient, do I put black outlines, or maybe even another colour for outlines? So many questions...

Last, but not least!

Cherri Bomb Design

-This design was made for the fake studio I made up for the sculpture/toy and skateboard design. I like play on words with design. My reference for the cherry is from a logo of Cott Black Cherry Soda

Well, that's it for today. I'll also be posting my progress on the toy in the next few days as well!

As always, you can check out the scans of my designs on Photobucket.

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